Sabtu, 28 April 2012

What is Review Text?

| Sabtu, 28 April 2012
What is review text?
Review text is a text that has social function to summarize, analyse, and respond to literary works. Some literary works that can be reviewed are novel, book, and movie. 

What are the generic structure of review text?
Review text has 3 parts of text. They are context, text description, and judgement. The context tells about the author, the characteristic, type of work, and a brief synopsis. Text description tells about the key incident happened in the literary works. Judgement contains about the evaluation, opinion, and recommendation from writer of the review text.

How to compose review text?
Composing review text is easy. Before composing the text, we should watch or read the literary works. When watching or reading, we can make a little note. Write the key incidents happen in the literary works. Repeat watching or reading the important part.

After watching or reading, compose a draft. The draft should consists of outline of the literary works. After that, we can develop into paragraphs. 

Add our judgement at the end of the description. The judgment can be the good and the bad of the literary works we are reviewed. We can recommend important or not to watch or read the literary works.

Here is some example of review text:

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