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Review Text: Mr. Bean's Holiday

| Minggu, 16 Januari 2011
It’s a film produced by Working Title Production entertaining and full of ridiculous views. The film is starred by the famous funny man Rowan Atkinson.
(Mr. Bean the prize)
The film was begun by the crowd waiting for the announcement of prize won by Mr. Bean. The funny man began travelling with 200 euros heading to Cannes, France. Unfortunately, when he bought some snacks he missed the train so he had to wait for the next one.

The film told about Mr. Bean’s effort to return a boy who missed his dad because of Bean’s fault. He was left by his dad in the railway station when Mr. Bean asked him to shoot using a camera. The door was closed but the man was still outside the train.
(riding bicycle)
Every screen showed some funny, ridiculous moment and some beautiful scenery about France. An  interesting moment was when Mr. Bean and the boy tried to call the parent’s phone number. They tried every number because the last number giving the boy’s father couldn’t be caught by the camera brought by Mr. Bean. When they didn’t have coins to make a call, the boy begged to a woman and she gave a coin. When Bean tried the same action, the woman left him.
(Mr. Bean reads the map)

Mr. Bean and the boy made a part when Mr. Bean ran after a ticket for a bus. The man then met Sabine, an actress, who helped Mr. Bean and the boy to meet the boy’s parent.
(playing imaginary piano)
In my opinion, this film is good for laugh. The story is not complicated and easy to understand although some conversations are in French language. The film is suitable to watch for every ages. But some scenes may be risky for children like when Sabine kissed Mr. Bean’s cheek to thank him and her low cut dress revealed part of her breasts. The film also shows a view of the beach where Mr. Bean was supposed to go, and there are a lot of women wearing bikinis. This is not good for teenagers.

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