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Review Text: Asterix and Obelix In Mission Cleopatra

| Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011
The following is an example of review text. This review is arranged after I watch a movie entitled Asterix and Obelix in Mission Cleopatra. 

Nile River
The story is begun at Alexandria, a kingdom in Egypt which has been led by a beautiful queen, Cleopatra. Julius Caesar mocks Cleopatra that her people are weak. He will admit Alexandria existence if she can build a palace for him. Cleopatra grants the request. She says that she can build the palace in 3 months.

Asterix and Obelix have a talk with Edifis
To accomplish the mission, Cleopatra calls Edifis, an architect. Edifis has 3 months to build the palace. If he can do it, the queen will let her crocodiles eat him. But, if he can fulfill her demand in time, the queen Cleopatra will cover him with a full of gold.

Edifis thinks the requirements were too difficult. Then, he gets an idea to find a magic potion. The potion can make someone who drinks it become stronger.

Edifis begins his journey. He meets Asterix and Obelix on the way. The two men keep Edifis meeting Getamanix, the owner of magic potions.

Asterix and Obelix help Edifis to construct the palace. They use the magic potion to make workers become stronger and works harder and quicker.

Queen Cleopatra on her cart
Then, some obstacles comes. Artifis, the Alexandria architect doesn’t want the palace to be built sooner. He feels jealous with Edifis, because he has wanted the job before. He tries some efforts to destroy the palace. Even he provokes Julius Caesar to help him to destroy the palace. But, all Artifis trials are effortless. Asterix and Obelix can help Edifis to keep the palace complete.

The palace has been built for Julius Caesar
The movie is good and entertaining.  There are a lot of beautiful scene such as Nile River, Sphinx, Pyramids, and lovely land around Egypt.

This movie is rated for adult only. There are some scenes which are not appropriate to watch like the way the queen dresses herself, queen taking a bath, and the scene which shows Julius Caesar and Cleopatra have sex.

Cleopatra and Julius Caesar
 Greeting from Fadli Eha ~

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