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How to Do Guessing Game in English Teaching

| Minggu, 20 Mei 2012
Teachers need various technique when teaching English in the classroom. One of technique is playing educating, interesting and fun game.

Guessing game is a game that can be used by teacher as a warming up before the lesson begins. Guessing game is fun and able to increase students' motivation to learn English.

How to play guessing game in the classroom.


1. Prepare two or three pictures e.g. celebs pics.

2. Write a short description about the celebs in the pics.

Activities in the classroom

1. Hide the pictures. Tell the students that you have celebs pics. 

2. Tell students a short description about the first celeb.

3. Ask students to guess. If no one can answer, tell them more description.

4. Give a little prize to the students who can guess correctly.

5. Tell students a short description about the second celeb.

6. Ask students to guess. Give more description if no one can't answer.

The following is an example of a short description about a famous celeb, Rihanna.

1. She is a woman.

2. She was born in Barbados.

3. She is a singer.

4. Her famous song is Umbrella.


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