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How To Make Students Like English Lesson

| Minggu, 20 Mei 2012
Are you a teacher? Do you feel your students dislike your English lesson. Read the following post to solve your problem.

A sense of love is the first step to cope with anything. This feeling will make someone more intense to learn. Then do whatever it can in order to meet with something that he like very often. Similar with someone who falls in love with another person, he/she must have had a sense of longing.  

Similarly, in English lessons, a sense of love is the gate so that students can master English. To make students like English, the teacher must do something so that English becomes favourite lesson for students. With a sense of love, learning English is not a frightening for them. But instead, they always miss English lessons.  

How to make students like learning English? Here are some suggestions for English teachers.  

Good rapport 

To have a good rapport, you should be a fun teacher. Be a friendly teacher to the students. Maintain an emotional connection. Not scary. Always warm towards all learners. 

Good rapport can be done with a personal approach while teaching and learning process. Asking for some trouble that students have and help them to solve. Avoiding the disparaging attitude, rude words like "you fool" and so forth.  

Stop threatening

A naughty student makes teachers sometimes feel angry. Then to make the student more calm, the teachers scare them by threatening. Threatening word such as "you will get bad mark", it's useless. It will make you become an enemy for the student. They will not express it in front of you, but it will have an effect on English lessons that you taught. They will not have any self-confidence to learn English.  

Bring something new 

Bring something new when coming into the classroom. Avoid fixed on the text book. There are a lot of authentic stuff around us that can be learned and more enjoyable.  

Eliminate stress 

Studying English , for some students creates a feeling of distress. Therefore, get rid of that stress. You can relieve stress by playing games before the lesson starts, or interspersed English lessons by listening to easy listening English songs.

Those are my opinion. If you agree or disagree, you can give feedback in the following. 

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