Senin, 21 Mei 2012

English Game: Guessing Last Letter

| Senin, 21 Mei 2012
Do you need various technique to teach English in the classroom? Here is one of technique to teach English using game. We call it Guessing Last Letter Game.

Guessing last letter game is a game for English language teaching. This game can be used as warming up before the lesson begins. The game is fun. Beside that it can become an activity to enrich students' vocabulary achievement. 

Guessing Last Letter Game is easy to apply in the classroom. Teacher just need to prepare some words to be guessed by students. The words may be picked up from the text have learnt or some familiar words.

How to play Guessing Last Letter Game:

1. Prepare some words.

2. Tell students the rule of the game. The rule: teacher will call out a word. After that he will call a student's name. The student must guess the last letter correctly in 5 countdown. If he/she gets wrong answer, she has to stand up. He/she can sit if the next student has incorrect answer.

3. Play the game until 10-15 words guessed.

4. Or You can divide students into 2 or 3 groups.

5. Give a group a word to guess.

6. Score for every answer.

7. To avoid cheating during the game, give them first score. Tell them that if the answer is wrong the score will be subtracted 1 point. If the answer is right, the score will be scored plus 1.

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