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Classroom Activity: Recount Text Writing Diary

| Senin, 04 Juni 2012
Skills : Writing
Genre: Recount Text
Context: Composing Diary

Task 1
Answer these questions and share with your partner!
1. What did you do yesterday morning?
2. What did you do last Sunday?
3. What did you do last night?

Task 2
Jodi is writing a diary. Read the text carefully and underline the past verb!

Monday, 26 September 2011.
I got up late this morning. It was 6.30. I took a bath in hurry. Without having breakfast, I left for school. 

I arrived at school at 07.30 at school. I knocked the door and said greeting. But, all my frieds were laughing. What happened? Oh my God! I brought my mother's bag. It's pink and full of flower painting. That was embarassing.

Check the answers:

Task 3
Study the following sentences!
  • I got up late this morning.
  • I took a bath in hurry.
  • I left for school.
We call those three sentences simple past tense. We use past tense to talk about something in the past.
The pattern of past tense is: Subject + Past Verb

Task 4
Fill in the gap with a correct verb!
took - came - had - studied - visited

1. The minister of education our school yesterday.
2. I a bath very early. That was very cold.
3. They hard for final examination.
4. I late at school.
5. She big breakfast.

Check the answers:

Task 5
Write your diary. Take a look at Task 4 as the example.

Click here for the lesson plan: How To Teach Recount Text Writing

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