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How To Teach Recount Text Writing

| Senin, 04 Juni 2012
Follow the the steps how to teach recount text writing below. You may modify the steps and the materials as you like.

Level: Senior High School

By the end of the lesson students will be better able to compose recount text writing in the context of daily life.

Steps how to teach recount text:
  1. Warming up: divide students into 2 groups. Ask them to stand up in front of the whiteboard. Tell them to write activities people usually do everyday. 1 student writes 1 activity. If the first student finishes writing, They should give the board maker to the second student. Continue until the time is up. Give time 1 minute to write as many as they can.
  2. Lead in: Ask students to answer the following questions: 1). What did you do yesterday morning? 2). What did you do two days ago? 3). What did you do three days ago?
  3. Ask students to share the answers with their partner.
  4. Divide students into group of four. 
  5. Give students model text. The text is one's diary. Teacher should prepare the text before the class begin.
  6. In group of four, ask students to underline past tense in the text.
  7. In group of four, give students past tense exercise.
  8. Individual work, ask students to make a list of activities they did yesterday.
  9. Ask students to describe the activities in 2 sentences. Example: I took a bath at 6. It was very cold. I didn't like it. Give them 10 minutes to accomplish the task.
  10. Ask students to exchange their work with their partner.
  11. Ask them to check whether the past form is correct or not.
  12. Ask them to write commentary to their friend's work. 
Click here for the classroom activities: Recount Text Writing: Composing Diary

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