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Classroom Activities: Listening How to Express Complaining

| Minggu, 15 Juli 2012

Task 1
Make a list of rooms you usually find in the school!

1. 5.
2. 6.
3. 7.
4. 8.

Task 2
Guess what room it is!
1. a place for studying.
2. a place for borrowing some books.

3. a place for buying some food and drink at recess.

4. a place for doing some research.

Task 3
Listen to the conversation and choose the correct answer!
Play the recording | Download the recording here

1. Where does the conversation take place?
a. Laboratory b. Library c. Canteen d. Toilet

2. What does the woman do?

a. She is a librarian b. She is a nurse c. She is a doctor d. She is a patient

3. What is the man going to do?

a. Buy some books b. Sell some books c. Borrow some books d. Lend some books

4. What happen to the book?

a. Dirty b. Torn c. Lost d. Stolen

5. When is he able to borrow the book?

a. At present b. Now c. The following day d. The previous day

Task 4
Listen again and match the half dialogue on the left to the half one on the right!

George : Excuse me, Madam. Can you do anything about the cover of this book?
Librarian: Oh, sure.

George : I'm afraid that this one also needs mending.

Librarian: Yes, I think it should be mended also. But I'm afraid that you won't be able to borrow this book today.

George : Hmm, all right.

Librarian: You're welcome. By the way, George : I don't think so.

Librarian: Okay then.

George : Not

•don't you want to borrow another book?
•at all.
•Thank you, anyway.
•I'll mend it.
•It's torn.
•I only need that book at present.
•It takes time to bind. What about tomorrow?
•I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
•I'm afraid we'll lose some pages if we don't bind it again.

Answer this question! Which expression is George used for complaining?
1. ___________________________

2. ___________________________

Here are some other examples how to complain about something:
•I want to complain about …

•I have a complaint to make.

•(I'm afraid) … it just isn't good enough.

•Something must be done about …

Task 5
Practice a conversation based on the following situation!
1. You go to the library but there is no space for you to read books because all chairs and tables are occupied.
2. You borrow a book from the library but you find two pages missing.

3. You are looking for a story book. When you look for the book on the bookshelf, the book is not there.

4. You find the bookshelves in the library dusty and so are the books. It makes you and other visitors feel inconvenient.

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