Senin, 11 Juni 2012

English Game: The First Letter

| Senin, 11 Juni 2012
Teaching English should be fun for students. If they feel fun and comfortable, the boredom in learning will be gone.

One of the way to make the learning process more fun is using game for warming up or ice breaker. Why should we use game? Game in teaching and learning process will raise the students motivation and increase energy and attention. That's why game in language teaching is important.

Now, introduces a game called The First Letter. What is it? The First Letter is kind of guessing game. Students must guess something using clue. The clue of this thing is just the first letter of a word e.g. What is D? It's kind of animal.

How to apply The First Letter game in the classroom? The steps to conduct it are in the following:


1. Choose a topic e.g. school life.

2. Make a list of things related to the topic e.g. ruler, whiteboard, teacher, headmaster.

Classroom Activities:

1. Divide students into 2 groups or more.

2. Explain the rule e.g. Please guess something related to school life!

3. Begin the first question e.g. What is E?

4. Give students turn chance to answer using competition or turn by turn.

5. Give score to the group having the correct answer.

6. Repeat the question with different thing again.

7. Play the game only 5 - 6 minutes. Don't wait until your student look tired or bored with the game. Give them only 5-6 questions then count the score.

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