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Lesson Plan: Writing Report Text Animals

| Selasa, 12 Juni 2012
The following is steps how to teach report text. The report text is about animals.

Aims: By the end of the lesson students will be better able to compose report text in the context of nature.


1. Warming up: play guessing game. Hide a picture of animal. Tell the description and ask students to guess what animal it is.

2. Lead in: ask students to make a list of animals they know.

3. Give them model text of report text about animals with some words are underlined e.g. a report text about Leopard.

4. Omit the underlined words and ask students to guess what words they are.

5. Give students a short description about animal e.g. Kangaroo.

6. Ask students to copy the model text about Leopard and change the description into Kangaroo.

7. Ask students to compose a report text about animal. Tell them to use the model text to compose the report text. Ask them to choose unique animal from their own country.

8. Ask students to make some questions based on the text they have made.

9. Ask students to exchange their work and answer the questions.

10. Ask students to check their friend's answer and give score.

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  1. Thanks.. I think I just get an idea for my teaching practice this week

  2. that's fine. Hope your teaching practice will be successful