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What is Anecdote Text?

| Selasa, 17 April 2012
What is Anecdote text? 

Anecdote text is a text that has social function to share an unusual or amusing incident. The writer share his/her or one's experience which has a unique event.

Can we say that Anecdote text is a funny or ridiculous story? 

Anecdote text can be a ridiculous or funny story sometimes. But, not all anecdote must be funny. It depends on the incident in the story. The important thing, anecdote should have an unusual part inside and one's true experience.

How to compose Anecdote text?

To compose anecdote text is easy. You just need an experience or true story that you think it's unusual to be shared with others.

Here is generic structure of Anecdote text: abstract, orientation, crisis, reaction, coda.

Abstract tells the unusual incident will be happened in the story. It signals the unique part of the story. It is usually written in questions e.g. have you ever fall in love?, have you ever lost your mobile phone?

Orientation is part where the writer tell who, when, where the story happens. It tells the subject, situation and place of the story.

Crisis is a part of unusual incident happens. The writer tells the incident in details. The unique part of the story is presented very clearly.

Reaction tells how the subject of the story reacts to the incident. The writer should tells the feeling and actions of the subject facing the unusual incident.

Coda is the closing part of the story. The writer may tell how the subject solve the problem and end the incident.

Click one of the following to read example of Anecdote text:

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