Anecdote Text: Where is My Key?

key wanted
Have you ever lost something that you hold tight? I did it this afternoon.

After teaching for private course, I dropped in a small cafe near Jember University. I parked my motorcycle and not forget to lock it.

I went into the cafe and sat on an empty seat. I opened my laptop. But, I delayed to start browsing the Internet because I saw there was an empty seat in the corner. Then I decided to move there.

In the corner I browsed quietly. I wrote article. I also copied some funny movies to be watched in my house.

One hour later, I stopped browsing and writing. I felt that's enough for today. I shut down the laptop and prepared to home.

Outside the cafe, I got confused. "Where is my key?" I mumbled. 

Someone noticed my movement and asked what happened. I told him that I lost my key. 

I came back to the seat. But, I didn't find it. I tried to look for the key in the first seat I sat. I still didn't find it.

Feeling tired, I decided to call my wife. I told her to come and bring the reserve key. I waited but still tried to find my key.

The man who helped me to look for the key suggested me to ask the cafe keeper.

"Do you see a key near around here?" I asked the cafe keeper.

"Oh, is it?" She showed me the key I was looking for.

"Oh, my God! How do you find it?" I got surprised.

"I found it on the table over there, " She told. "There was no one on the seat. So, I took it to save."

I just kept smile and said thanks to her.

In front of the cafe, my brother had come bringing the reserved key. I told him that the key had been found.

This anecdote text has been posted based on true experience by Fadli Eha on Tuesday Afternoon 11 October 2011.

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