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8 Roles How To Be a Good Teacher

| Selasa, 17 April 2012
How to be a good teacher? This question comes from a new teacher who begins involving in the world of teaching and learning.

To be a good teacher is not really difficult. Teacher just need to apply the appropriate roles in teaching and learning. They do not only teach a subject and convey a lesson. Teachers sometimes act as a planner, sometimes become a manager, an informer, or a parent for their students.

The following is 8 teacher roles in teaching and learning process.

1. Teacher as a planner.
The teacher prepares and thinks through the lesson in detail before teaching it so that it has variety and there are appropriate activities for the different learners in the class. Teacher need to make a good preparation before teaching because teacher must lead students to reach a specific aim. Good preparation will ensure succeeding in the teaching and learning.

2. Teacher as an informer.
The teacher gives the learners detailed information about the language or about an activity. The teacher should be able to give clear explanation so that the learners understand easily what should they do in the activity.

3. Teacher as a manager.
The teacher organises the learning space, makes sure everything in the classroom is running smoothly and sets up rules and routines (i.e. things which are done regularly) for behaviour. The teacher manages what learners should do to make a better result after learning proces.

4. Teacher as a monitor.
The teacher goes around the class during individual, pair and group work activities, checking learning. The teacher may make some notes by walking through the classroom while learners are working.

5. Teacher as an involver.
The teacher make sure all the learners are taking part in the activities. Teachers should manage the seat position, and the learners interaction pattern i.e. group, pair, and individual work.

6. Teacher as a parent/friend.
The teacher comforts learners when they are upset or unhappy. The teacher should learn learners feeling called learners psychology. 

7. Teacher as a diagnostician.
The teacher is able to recognize the cause of learners' difficulties. The teacher analyzes the difficulties after learning process and find the solution. The solution can be applied in the next meeting.

8. Teacher as a resource.
The teacher can be used by the learners for help and advice. The teacher should be rich of knowledge and information. If the learners finds some problems, the teacher is able to help and advise.

Those are 8 roles in teaching and learning. By applying them, teacher may succeed in teaching. If the teacher has succeeded in teaching, everybody will no doubt to say, "He is a good teacher." 

Reference: The TKT Course Marry Spratt et al.

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