Rabu, 18 April 2012

Soal UN SMP Descriptive Text: My Doll

| Rabu, 18 April 2012
Postingan ini akan membahas soal uji coba Ujian Nasional (UN) SMP tahun 2011/2012. Teks yang akan dibahas adalah Descriptive Text.

My favorite toy is a doll. I named my doll Becky. I got in in my12th birthday. My dad bought it for me when he was in England. Becky is 16 cm tall doll with plastic head, arms, and legs and a white cloth stuffed body. Her body is covered with yellow, orange, and green flower bud prints. She has a long auburn-red brush-able hair, green eyes. There are freckles on her cheek. There are also two dimples near her mouth on the left and on the right. They make her more beautiful. I put her at my side when I sleep at night. I like my doll very much. I sometimes ask my friends to come to my house and play with Becky. They like Becky too.

Pilih jawaban yang benar A, B, C, atau D dengan menekan kotak kosong ada di sebelah kanan masing-masing soal berikut ini!

1. What does the text tell us about?
A. My favorite toy.
B. The writer's favorite doll.
C. A birthday party.
D. A plastic doll.

2. What are on Becky's face?
A. White cloth.
B. Auburn red hair.
C. Freckles and dimples.
D. Flower bud prints.

3. "They make her more beautiful." The underlined word refers to ...
A. Freckles.
B. Green eyes.
C. The left and bright cheeks.
D. The dimples.

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