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25 Contoh Kalimat Conditional Sentence Tipe 1 Menggunakan Will, Can, May, Must, Should

| Senin, 01 Februari 2016
Conditional Sentence (Kalimat Pengandaian) Tipe 1 menyatakan sesuatu yang kemungkinan akan terjadi di masa mendatang. Penjelasan lengkap tentang conditional sentence tipe 1 ini bisa dibaca disini.

Berikut ini 25 contoh kalimat pengandaian (conditional sentence) tipe 1 yang dibuat oleh menggunakan Modal Will, Can, May, Must, dan Should.
  1. If she comes late, her mom will get angry.
  2. If you are happy, I will be happy too.
  3. If the teacher comes on time, the students will be quiet.
  4. If your father gives you money, I'll borrow it.
  5. If the cat sleeps, it will take very long.
  6. If he gets good score, he can get prizes.
  7. If John wins lottery, he can have a party.
  8. If Shinta meets her boyfriend, she can go out.
  9. If my boss comes, I can ask my pay rise.
  10. If the president is here, people can ask some questions.
  11. If the bell rings, students may come home.
  12. If the gate is opened, the thief may get in easily.
  13. If the sea is high tide, the fishermen may not sail.
  14. If you borrow 3 books, you may have extra days.
  15. If you come on time, you may get bonus.
  16. If you want to pass the exam, you must study hard.
  17. You must get up early, if you want to know the beautiful sunrise.
  18. Yolanda must be sick, if she works very hard.
  19. The teacher must give a punishment, if the students don't do the homework.
  20. If you want to have a new camera, you must save your money.
  21. If you get sick, you should see a doctor.
  22. If you want to have a girl, you should be nice.
  23. If she needs you, she should come and ask your help.
  24. If the road is crowded, you should try another.
  25. If your money is lost, you should tell police.
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