Jumat, 11 Desember 2015

Cerita Pengalaman Masa SMA dalam Bahasa Inggris

| Jumat, 11 Desember 2015
Dalam postingan ini saya ingin menceritakan pengalaman saya semasa SMA dalam Bahasa Inggris. Pengalaman yang paling diingat adalah saat study tour ke Pasir Putih Situbondo. Begini ceritanya.

It was 25 December 1996. We held study tour to Pasir Putih Situbondo. The study tour was to do some research about sea life.

We left Jember around 5 a.m. That was very early. The air was still fresh. We were very happy to go to the beach.

It took 1 hour to arrive at Pasir Putih, Situbondo by bus. During the trip, everyone talked and sang together.

My group and I tried to find some creatures. We observed some starfish, sea urchin, and sea cucumber. We researched the shape, the body, and how they lived.

Everyone looked happy because they learnt by doing. They were very curious to know about the creatures.

After 10 pm, the tide water came. So we had to finished the research. Everyone got together and presented their finding.

After one hour discussion, our teacher allowed us to enjoy the beach. We wandered everywhere until 2 p.m.

We went back to Jember and arrived around 4 p.m. That was very tired but fun. I loved it.

Demikian cerita pengalaman saya waktu masih duduk di bangku SMA. Masih banyak pengalaman lain, tapi terlalu panjang jika diceritakan disini. Akan saya sambung di postingan berikutnya.

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