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Report Text About Kangaroo

| Selasa, 19 November 2013
Kangaroo taken from wikipedia
Report Text About Kangaroo

[general statement]
Kangaroo is a mammal. It is a special animal from Australia. The word Kangaroo is taken from Aborigin language, gangguru.

There are 3 species of Kangaroo. They are red, east grey, and west grey. Red Kangaroo is the largest species which is still alive. They sleep in a hot weather. They breed in wet season and spring. East Grey Kangaroo live in the east of Australia meanwhile the West Grey live in the west of Australia.

[physical description]
Kangaroo has 2 strong legs. It has big soles to hop. They usually hop 20-25 km/hour. Their span of life is not long enough. They live only 9 - 18 years.

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