Jumat, 27 April 2012

What are Exploration, Elaboration, Confirmation in Teaching Activity?

| Jumat, 27 April 2012
There are 3 terms in English Language Teaching activity. They are Exploration, Elaboration and Confirmation. The 3 terms are used in teaching procedure. So, what are they?


Exploration is part of procedure where teacher explores the students knowledge. In this part, teacher builds students knowledge of the field.

The building knowledge of the field is presented by reviewing students vocabulary before entering the core of learning. Teacher needs to know how well the students have the basic knowledge. 

The exploration is used as the preparation activity. In this part, students are given time to learn vocabulary will be used, expression and and also grammar. 


Elaboration is the main activity. In this section, teachers elaborate strategy in order to make students get the skills. Example in reading skills, students have to answer some questions about the content of text, identify the main idea, or detail information.


Confirmation is a part to give students feedback. Teacher may review some errors and give an enforcement about the language used.

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