Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

Strategies For Teaching Listening

| Kamis, 03 Mei 2012
What strategies can we do to teach listening in the classroom? Here are some ideas for teachers to build up classroom activities as the strategies for listening task.

1. Filling Gap
Provide short monologue or dialogue. Omit some words. Ask students to listen to a recording or teachers can read it. While listening, students fill the gap based on the spoken text.

2. Choosing picture
Give students a handout. Ask them to listen to the spoken text and choose the suitable picture. Example: what is the man doing? The picture should consist of picture of people doing something.

3. Ordering Dialogue
Students are given jumble dialogue. Ask them to listen to a spoken text. While listening, students arrange the jumble dialogue into the correct order.

4. Half matching
Provide a short dialogue. Cut a sentence into two part. Example: I need your help. Cut it to be a. I need. and b. your help. Ask students to listen and match the half sentence.

5. Making Conclusion
Ask students to listen to a short spoken text. After listening, ask them to conclude what the speakers have said.

6. Drawing
Give students a piece of paper. Ask them to listen to a short description of something or someone. Ask them to draw based on the description.

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