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Lesson Plan: How To Teach Grammar Can/Could

| Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

By the end of the lessons students will be better able to practice expressing ability in the context of daily life. 

Sub aims:
  • Students are able to identify modal auxiliaries
  • Students are able to identify the use of modal can and could
  • Students are able to express ability using modal can and can’t

Pre activities
  1. Ask students to observe a movie clip and ask them to guess what the man is doing. Ask them can you ride a motorcycle?
  2. Leading questions: Ask them about their ability e.g. can you sing?
  3. Give students hand out. Tell them to make a survey about friends ability
Main activities
  1. Give students hand out. Tell them that they will hear some words. They have to put the words into a correct table.
  2. Ask students to make a sentence combination.
  3. Ask students to identify to infinitive with modals auxiliaries by doing gap filling.
  4. Discuss the use of modal auxiliaries.
  5. Ask students identify the form of modal auxiliaries.
  6. Ask students to analyze errors.
  7. Ask students to talk about their past and present ability using could and can. Give an example: When I was child I could sing, but now I can’t. I could jump over the fence, but now I can’t. 
Post activities
  1. Ask students to interview their classmates about their ability. They have to write the names of their friend.
  2. Conclude the lesson.
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