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How To Teach Present Continuous Tense through Picture

| Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012
The following technique is an example of how to teach grammar present continuous. The media used in this technique is picture.

How to teach present continuous tense through picture:

1. Group students into three or four. 

2. Hand out every group a picture of people doing several activities.

3. Give an example of sentence based on the activity in the picture. Use present continuous tense to tell what is happening in the picture.

4. Tell the students to make 10 sentences based on the picture using simple present continuous tense. Tell them that they only have 2 minutes to accomplish the task or use a song to start and end the time. For beginner, you can modify the task by gap filling exercise.

You may use the following picture as the media:
Possible sentences for the picture above are:

1. They are camping.

2. They are setting up tents.

3. They are walking in the forest.

4. A ghost is appearing.

5. They are running.

6. They are talking.

7. They are taking a rest.

8. They are finding an old house.

9. An owl is perching on a tree.

10. The moon is shining so bright.

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