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Using Movie Clip to Teach English

| Jumat, 11 Mei 2012
Movie clip can be used as media to teach English. Using movie clip is going to make your learners are feeling fun and ease.

The following is steps how to teach using movie:


1. Choose a movie based on the topic will be taught. If you plan to teach narrative, choose a movie which has a simple story. We suggest Mr. Bean movie or Superhero movie e.g. Superman, Batman, Spiderman

2. Watch and edit the movie. Decide which scene should be censored.

3. Decide your aim. Define what skills do you want to teach. If you plan to teach listening, prepare questions, gap filling, or multiple choice that students are going to accomplish after watching. If you plan to teach speaking, prepare speaking task e.g. retelling the story, interviewing.

Classroom Activity

1. Tell your aim to the students.

2. Give leading questions e.g. What kind of movie do you like? Have you ever watched drama movie? What do you think about that drama movie? Boring or interesting?

3. Give hand out where students should predict the answer before watching the movie.

4. Play the movie.

5. Pause some scenes that you think it needs to be emphasized.

6. After watching, give time students to answer.

7. Discuss the answer.

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