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How To Make Students Easily Follow Teacher's Instruction

| Minggu, 13 Mei 2012
Teachers use instructions during teaching and learning process. The instruction is useful to lead the students to do a task.

Teachers sometimes find their students are very difficult to catch the instruction in English. Furthermore, students look confused and don't know what to do. How to overcome it? Here are some suggestions from sekolahoke.com

1. Give students clear instructions.

Give students clear instruction means a short and brief instruction. Avoid a long and complicated instruction. It's better for the teacher saying "Match the words!" rather than saying "You must match the words on the right column with the words on the left column."  

2. Repeat the instruction.

Learners especially English language learners are very difficult to understand verbal language. They need time in order to be familiar with English instruction. Teacher needs to repeat the instruction not only in one meeting, but every meeting with the same instruction. Once they recognize the instruction, they don't need any time to do the task.

3. Write the instruction and the translation on the board.

If you feel your students get too long to catch the instruction, you need to write and translate the instruction. Every you give instruction, point out the meaning, so that they know what they should do. After several meeting, give the instruction without translation. It will help learners to understand spoken instruction easily.

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