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The Explanation of Spoof Text

| Minggu, 13 Mei 2012
This posting is explaining about spoof text. To make it clearer, we also provide an example of spoof text at the end of the posting.
What is Spoof Text?
Spoof text is a type of story that has a twist (funny part in the end of the story). Spoof text contains of unpredictable event which make the story funny or ridiculous. 

Spoof text seems like Recount Text. The difference is in the ending part of the story. Recount text only retells the story in sequence, but Spoof text has something unpredictable at the end.

What are the generic structures of spoof text?
Spoof Text has three parts. They are orientation, events, and twists. The orientation introduces the main characters and the setting of the story. Events contain something happened to the main characters. Twist contains of funny unpredictable story.

The example of spoof text
The following is an example of spoof text. This story is very known well. We try to make it different.

Penguin In The Park

One day, a police saw a man bringing a penguin in the park. He came nearer and said to the man. "Hey, Why are you bringing this penguin here? It's prohibited. Please, go away." The man didn't say anything. He went away.

One hour later, the police saw the man with the penguin in the park again. He came closer and said, "I've told you not to bring that animal!"

The man said, "I've brought him to the movie theater, but it seemed he didn't like watching movie. So I brought it back here."

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