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How To Teach Writing Procedure Text

| Selasa, 19 Juni 2012
Here are steps how to teach writing procedure text.

1. Show students pictures of some food/drinks. Ask them to guess what food/drinks they are.

2. Give students leading questions, e.g. Have you ever drunk some tea?, How does it taste?, Do you know how to make it?

3. Teach students vocabulary items, e.g. equipments and ingredients to make some tea. Teacher may use matching pictures and names or play a vocabulary game.

4. Give students model text of procedure text of making a cup of tea.

5. Ask students to underline imperative verb. This is useful to make students to be aware of imperative sentences used in procedural text.

6. Ask students to identify the goal, ingredients and steps of the procedure text.

7. Ask students to choose some drinks and tell them to compose procedure text as the model text.

8. Ask students to exchange their worksheet and check their friends' work. Tell them to check the spelling and imperative sentences whether right or wrong.

9. Ask students to compose a draft of procedure text.

10 Ask students to develope the draft into good composition.

11. Ask students to exchange the worksheet and tell them to check the imperative sentences and the content. Tell them to give commentary to their friends' work.

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