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Classroom Activities: Report Text

| Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012
Skills: Reading
Genre: Report text
Theme: Celebration party

Task 1
Observe the following pictures! Do you know what celebrations they are?
Options: Easter - New Year - Helloween - Thanksgiving - Gawai Dayak
Task 2
Mention 5 celebrations you usually celebrate in your country!
1. _______________________________________
2. _______________________________________
3. _______________________________________
4. _______________________________________
5. _______________________________________

Task 3
Read the report text below and decide whether the statements are true or false! Write down the paragraph where you find the statements!
Gawai Dayak

Gawai Day or Gawai Dayak, is a festival celebrated in Sarawak. It is both a religious and social occasion. Gawai Dayak literally means “Dayak Festival”. Dayak visit their friends and relatives on this day. Those far away receive greeting cards. The mode of celebrations varies from place to place.

The festival is celebrated on the 1st of June every year. However, it actually starts on the evening of 31st of May. Gawai Dayak celebration may last for several days.

On the evening of 31st of May, the ceremony to cast the greediness spirit away (Muai Antu Rua) is held. Then, offering ceremony (miring) is conducted. Thanking gods for the good harvest, guidance, blessings and long life is done through sacrificing a cockerel. At midnight spirit welcoming procession (Ngaluh Petara) is held. Then, the celebration gets merrier as people start singing and reading poems.

On the 1st of June, the homes of the Dayaks are opened to visitors. Cock-fighting, blowpipe skill demonstration, and ngajat competitions are held. It is also during this time of the year that many Dayak weddings take place. Today, it is an integral part of Dayak social life. It is a thanksgiving day marking good harvest and a time to plan for the new farming season or activities ahead.

1.  Gawai Dayak is a Dayak festival.
2.  Sacrifice is done through slaughtering a turkey.
3.  The celebration begins on the 1st of June.
4. Gawai Dayak is now a thanksgiving day of good harvest and planting season.
5.  In the Gawai Dayak’s eve the people are very silent.

Task 4
Underline the following sentences in the text and study the rule!
•    Offering ceremony is conducted.
•    The homes of the Dayak are opened.
•    Ngajat competition are held.
We call those three sentences ‘passive voice’. The pattern is Subject + Be + Past Participle (Verb 3).

Task 5
Put the words into the correct table!
Offering ceremony
on May
The homes of the Dayak

to visitors

Idul Fitri
some cows
by moslem
this year

Task 6
Underline the correct verb!
1. My mother is (bake/baked) some bread for the party.
2. Our Independence Day is (celebrates/celebrated) on August.
3. The food is (eaten/eat) by the visitors.
4. The party is (hold/held) well.
5. The audiences are (told/tell) to keep silent by the presenter.
Written by Fadli Eha
Reference: Interlanguage XI - Joko Priyana

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