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English Teaching Technique: Bingo Game

| Selasa, 22 Mei 2012
This posting is going to give you English teaching technique called Bingo Game.

Playing game in English language teaching is useful to make students relax. Playing game also reduces learners stress in learn language. English game makes students think that English is fun and exciting. If they feel English is fun, they will be confident enough to practice the language.

One of game for English Language Teaching is Bingo Game. Bingo game can be applied as warming up before starting the lesson. It also can be applied to improve listening skills and enriching vocabulary.

How to play Bingo game in the classroom? Follow the following steps:

1. Ask students to draw a table. See the example below.

    2. Call out 16 words. Ask students to put the words into the table wherever they like. Before entering the classroom, the teacher should prepare words related to the topic of the lesson will be taught. See the example below.
    washing machine
     tape recorder
     vacuum cleaner

    3. Tell students that you are going to call out the words again. Then, they must cross the word you called out.
      4. Tell students that they should shout "Bingo" if they make 4 crossed words in straight line. See the example below.





      5. Call out the words again. Give a chance students to cross the words.

      6. Give students little present, example: candies, everytime they shout "Bingo". Don't forget to check their sheet.

      Fadli Eha ~

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