Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Dictogloss Technique to Teach Grammar

| Rabu, 06 Juni 2012
What is Dictogloss? 
Dictogloss is one of technique to teach grammar by drilling students listening skills. Dictogloss is more like dictation. 

Is it difficult to apply Dictogloss to foreign language learner?
It's not difficult to prepare and apply dictogloss in the classroom. Teaching grammar using Dictogloss is simple. Teacher only need some sentences and voice. The sentences must represent the grammar will be taught. The teacher may use his own voice as media. 

How to teach grammar using Dictogloss? 
First, prepare some sentences. If we want to teach simple present tense, prepare some sentences in simple present form.
1. I need a towel. 
2. I want a red towel 
3. Sinta buys a red towel in the supermarket 

Second, read the sentences one by one in normal speed. Repeat reading three times. 

Third, after finishing reading the first sentence, ask one of student to write down on the board. Continue with the next sentence. Do the same process. 

Fourth, elaborate the sentences based on the part of speech. Tell them what kind of tense it is. 

Fifth, give them exercise like gap filling or choosing suitable verb.

Finally, ask them to make some sentences based on the model given.

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