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Clasroom Activities: Listening Materials How to Express Giving Advice

| Minggu, 08 Juli 2012
Classroom Activities

Observe the following pictures and name them!

Listen to the conversation and choose the correct answer!

1. How many persons are talking in the conversation?
a. one        b. two        c. three        d. four
2. What is probably their relationship?
a. parent and child        c. student and teacher   
b. c. good friend        d. patient and doctor
3. What are they talking about?
a. Drugstore    b. Drunk    c. Drug abuse    d. Drug dealer   

Listen to the conversation and choose the best answer to fill the gap!
1. Everyone should know about drugs especially …
a. children    b. teenagers        c. adult        d. parents
2. Drugs have ……. and it can be …….
a. good effect - harmful        c. side effect – careful
b. good effect – useful            d. side effect - harmful
3. Children should learn the knowledge from ……
a. teachers only        b. parents only    d. their friend        e. parents and teacher.
4. We can get addicted only after …..
a. the first try    b. see it        d. listening    e. someone’s try   

From the conversation, you hear the following expression:
1. If I were you, I wouldn’t even touch it.
2. Make sure you don’t get persuaded or attracted by it.
The first statement is the expression how to give advice and the second statement is used to give warning.

The following are some expression how to give advice and how to give warning. Put the expressions into the correct table!
* I think you should …
* I don’t think you should …
* Make sure you …!
* I wouldn’t …, if I were you.
* Be careful of …!
* Take my advice and …
* You’d better not …
* I wouldn’t advice …
* You’d better …
* Look out!
* Watch out for …!
* If I were you, I’d …

Giving Advice
Giving Warning
To do something
Not to do something
Make sure you …!
I think you should …

I don’t think you should …

Go around the classroom, ask your friend’s problem, and give him/her advice or warning! Look at the example below!
Student 1: Tell me your problem, please!
Student 2: I’m sleepy when studying English.
Student 1: I think you should drink coffee before studying. 

Your advice/warning

See the lesson plan for listening skills of how to express giving advice and warning here

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