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Descriptive Text: Sule "Prikitiw" - A Famous Comedian From Indonesia

| Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011
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Kali ini Sekolahoke.com menampilkan teks deskriptif tentang seorang artis komedi terkenal di Indonesia. Dialah Sule, orang yang lahir dan dibesarkan untuk meramaikan dunia seni.

Comedian Sule "Prikitiw"

His name full name is Entis Sutisna. People call him Sule. He is a famous comedian in Indonesia.

Sule was born on 15 November 1976 in Bandung, West Java. He speaks Sundanese fluently. He also learn Javanese. 

Sule is very unique. His hair is long with brown and yellow colour. He has oval face, flat nose and slanting eyes.

People know Sule as a ridiculous man and full of jokes. He is very funny. His joke makes everyone smiling even belly laughing.

Sule plays in several TV shows such as Opera Van Java (OVJ), Awas Ada Sule, PAS Mantab, and Saung Sule. He also can sing very well. He has very famous song entitled Susis (Suami Sieun Istri).

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