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Using Comic Strips to Teach Speaking

| Rabu, 16 Mei 2012
Need to make your classroom more fun? Try to adapt the following material. This must be important for you as a teacher and your students.

Comic strips are series of picture that have sequence story. People usually call comic strips as picture story or comic story.

Teachers can use comic strips as visual aids to help students improving their speaking skills. This aids is useful to make students easy to express what they want to talk.

picture story
The following are the steps to teach speaking using comic strips. 

Skills : Speaking

Level: Intermediate and above. 

Aims: by the end of the lessons students will be better able to express idea in story telling. 

1. Warmer: students fill spider web with some stories they know. This warmer is useful to pay students attention and increase motivation.

2. Students are divided into a group of four or five and observe comic strips. This step is useful to make students concern to the lesson they will learn.

3. Students identify things in the comic strips. This step is useful to learn vocabulary items they will use in the lesson.

4. Students answer some questions to get specific information from the story. This step is useful to know detail information from the story.

5. Students to identify the past form of verbs. This step is useful to help students learn grammatical features used.

6. Students tell the story based on the pictures and compare with the other groups. This step is useful to practice speaking.

If your students are not confident enough to speak up, you may use minimal pair. Divide them into several small groups and let them speak with their partner. Try not to intimidate them.

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