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How to Make Reading Task More Fun? Use Running Dictation

| Kamis, 12 Juli 2012
I found my students very difficult to accomplish reading task in the classroom. They looked bored and lazy to do it. 

I realize that reading English text for some of students are stressful. They have to read number of new vocabulary items. If more new words appear,  they will make them demotivated.

Those things happened before I found Running Dictation reading strategy. Running dictation has made reading task more fun and interesting.

What is Running Dictation?
Running Dictation is a strategy used in English teaching, especially in reading skill, using body movement. This strategy require students to use their ears to listen, mouth to read and the body to move.

How to apply Running Dictation in the classroom?
To apply running dictation in the classroom, follow the steps below:

1. Choose reading text you want to teach e.g. discussion text. Write or type it so that every sentence or paragraph is separated. (look at the picture)

2. Cut into some small pieces. Every pieces may contain single sentence or paragraph. It depends how long the text is.
3. Stick every single sentence or paragraph on the wall. There should be more space between the sentences or paragraph sticked.

Classroom Activity
1. Divide students into group of four or five.
2. Tell students the rule of running dictation. 
  • one student in every group will be a writer and the others will be readers.
  • the first student will come to the wall and read the sentence or paragraph there. After he/she have finished reading, he/she has to come to the writer and tells what he/she has read. If the reader forget the text, he/she has to look at the text on the wall again and read it.
  • the next student will act the same as the first student.
  • continue until all pieces of sentences have been written by the writer.
3. Monitor the activity. Teacher only control students not to cheat like making note near the wall. It's better not to correct student mistake or errors during the process.
4. Continue the activity by giving them reading comprehension or quiz based on the text.

The benefits of Running Dictation
Running dictation is easier to apply in the classroom. Beside that Running Dictation also make students feel free to read English without intimidation. Running dictation can reduce stress and boredom to accomplish reading task in the classroom.

Regard from Fadli Eha

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