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How to Teach Writing

| Jumat, 01 Juni 2012
Writing is an ability to express idea in written form. Teachers should guide their students improve their ability by arranging comprehensive steps. The following is the example of steps how to teach writing in the classroom. 

  • Decide your aim e.g. by the end of the lesson students will be better able to compose descriptive text. The aims are set up syllabus.
  • Prepare the model text e.g. descriptive text about Sherina Munaf  or Barrack Obama. You may see these examples at www.sekolahoke.com
  • Decide what you are going to do to introduce the text e.g. Filling gap, Jig saw, etc.
  • Prepare the hand out for students to make them easy following your lesson. 
Whilst activities
  • Ask students to do the task. Give them time to think or work in group or pair.
  • Remember to give them clear instruction e.g. fill in the gap!
  • Ask them to underline the name, age and the other words that related to the description.
  • Ask students to change the underlined words with another famous person description.
  • Ask students to do pair correction or you may check it through the class.
  • Ask students to arrange paragraph similar to the model text. If possible ask them to stick photo or picture.
  • For extending activity you may give them grammar test from the text. The suitable grammar test for descriptive text is how to make simple present tense.
  • Give them homework to compose descriptive text of their own family members, famous person etc. This is useful for students to improve their ability freely.

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