Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Analytical Exposition: Students Shouldn't Bring Mobile Phone To School

| Sabtu, 23 April 2011
There are some reasons why students shouldn't bring mobile phone to school. Not bringing mobile phone to school make students more focusing on learning at school.

The followings are three reasons why students shouldn't bring mobile phone to school and reduce students' concentration while studying.

First, phone ringing disturbs the classroom activities. 

Teachers complain about students mobile phone ringing when they teach in the classroom. It interupts the activities which have been set up by the teachers. It also reduces students' concentration to study.

Second, students play game, sending text while studying.

Teachers suspect a student who sits on the corner may play game or send text during the lesson. Although he/she doesn't disturb others, it's a bad habit. It makes he/she doesn't involve with the learning process.

Third, porn image and video issue.

The digital era may make someone send and receive everything easily. Some students are caught sending and receiving porn image and video in the school. This immoral habit suffers the way they learn. 

All those reasons support why students shouldn't bring mobile phone to school. If all students don't bring mobile phone to school, they will focus only on learning.

By: Fadlieha

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