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Step by Step Composing Recount Text

| Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011
Recount Text is composed to retell event in sequence. Recount can be arranged by reporting a trip, one's experience, or daily activities (dairy).

Now, we are going to learn how to step by step composing Recount Text. First of all, we decide what we are going to write as a topic. Example a trip to a tourism object. 

Title: A Trip to Bali

It was June 1992 during vacation, my school held a trip to Bali. There were 18 students of the Sixth Grade enjoying the trip by bus to Bali island. On Friday afternoon we got together in the school. We left Bondowoso around 6 p.m.

Event 1:
We arrived at Denpasar on Saturday at 4 a.m. We had breakfast and took a bath and ready to visit Kuta Beach. The bus drove us to the beach one hour later.

Event 2:
At 6 a.m we walked through the beach. We saw many tourists there. We just said hello because we didn't know how to speak English. We enjoyed the beach until 8 a.m.

Event 3:
After Kuta Beach then we went to Legian. The same as Kuta, Legian is a beach but seemed more natural. There were a lot of green views in Legian. The interesting one was a temple on a tiny hill looked very beautiful.

Everyone looked very cheerful. They sang along and laughed. We left Bali on Sunday afternoon and couldn't forget everything we had seen before.

Now, your turn!

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