Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Mini Drama: Friendship

| Jumat, 21 Januari 2011
Persahabatan sejati membutuhkan pengorbanan walau sedikit. Seperti pepatah "A Friend in Need, A Friend Indeed". Teman yang ada disaat kita membutuhkan adalah teman yang sesungguhnya.

Berikut ini sebuah drama mini tentang sebuah persahabatan yang diperuntukkan untuk pembelajaran bahasa Inggris .

Two ladies are talking in front of a cinema. They are going to watch Harry Potter the movie.

Sinta: “Where are Suci and Herlin?”
Rini: “It’s their bad habits. They always come late.”
Sinta: “The movie is gonna start 15 minutes later.”
Rini: “How if we buy the tickets first?”
Sinta: “What if they cancel watching?”
Rini: “OK, wait in 5 minutes!”

A boy is coming.

Doni: “Hi, ladies! Are you going to watch?”
Sinta: “Hi, Doni. We are waiting for Suci and Herlin.”
Doni: “Ow, I’m gonna come with you, okay? I’m alone. Can I?”
Rini: “That’s okay! What movie do you want to watch?”
Doni: “Harry Potter. I’ve watched it from the first time.”
Sinta: “Cool. We’re gonna watch it too.”

A young lady is coming.

Suci: “Hi, guys!”
Rini:  “That’s too much. The movie is gonna play soon.”
Suci:    “Sorry, there was traffic jam on the street.”

Suci’s mobile phone suddenly rings.

Suci: “A moment please! Someone’s calling. Oh, it’s Herlin. Hello”
Herlin: “Hello, Susi.”
Suci: “Yes. Where are you now?”
Herlin: “I’m on PB Sudirman Street. I got accident.”
Suci: “What? Are you ok?”
Herlin: “Just little bit wound and I can’t walk. My motorcycle is broken. Please come here. Help me!”
Suci: “Ok, ok, wait. I’ll be there! Where is your position?”
Herlin: “Near the traffic light on the way to campus. Move!”
Suci: “Yes, be patient. I’ll be there!”

Suci hangs off the phone and tells her friends.

Suci: “Herlin got accident. It looks poor. We have to help her.”
Doni: “Where is she now?”
Suci: “Traffic light near campus.”
Rini: “Let’s go there!”
Sinta: “What about the film?”
Rini: “Don’t think about it. We’ll watch it next time!”

They leave the cinema to help Herlin.

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