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10 Kata Sifat Bahasa Inggris (Adjective) Awalan L, M, N, O, P dalam Kalimat

| Minggu, 03 November 2019
Kata sifat Bahasa Inggris (adjective) digunakan untuk mendiskripsikan sesuatu seperti orang, benda, dan tempat. Denga begitu adjective berfungsi memperjelas ciri-ciri sesuatu.

Dalam postingan kali ini sekolahoke.com menyajikan artikel tentang 10 kata sifat dalam Bahasa Inggris (adjective) yang mempunyai awalan L, M, N, O, dan P. Semua kata sifat tersebut dimasukkan ke dalam kalimat untuk memberikan konteks yang jelas.

10 contoh kalimat yang didalamnya terdapat adjective berawalan L, M, N, O, dan P.

1. Lovely (cantik)

I met a lovely girl on the way. I don't know why my heart is beating. Maybe I fall in love with her. I think so. I miss her so much.

2. Marvelous (menakjubkan)

Last week I traveled to Kuta Beach. That was marvelous. The sand is nice like Sahara. The waves are cool. The sun shines so bright and warm.

3. Neat (rapi)

I like this guy so much. He always keeps his body neat and tidy. He looks cool and wonderful. Ladies must fall in love with him.

4. Open (terbuka)

Jokowi is kind of open person. He likes to listen to one's opinion. He never forces his idea to be accepted. But he is clear enough to argue to his opinion if it is right.

5. Proud (bangga)

I'm very proud of you son. Your achievement is deserved. I want you to defend it as well as possible. Don't worry I'm going to support you all the time.

6. Lazy (malas)

Don't be lazy please. We are going to have 3 matches in a row. The matches are very difficult to face. Please be ready.

7. Mad (gila)

Don't be mad. Police will know who do this. Please leave that goods. We have to go quickly. Come on.

8. Naughty (nakal)

Do you think a naughty girl will be successful? Think first. If you are naughty it means you never think about your future when you grow adult. 

9. Original (asli)

I want to buy an original Adele's CD please. Do you sell one? I have asked all stores in this city, but none sells.

10. Prompt (cepat)

Hey, have you ever got prompt dating? It's like a blind date that you go to a party and pick up a girl and ask her for a date.

Demikianlah contoh kalimat yang di dalamnya terdapat kata sifat (adjective) dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat.

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