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Descriptive Text Anya Geraldine

| Jumat, 04 Oktober 2019

Anya Geraldine mulai terkenal sejak muncul di chanel youtube dengan video kontroversialnya yang dinilai terlalu vulgar bersama kekasihnya waktu berlibur di Bali.

Sekolahoke.com tidak akan mengupas gosip-gosip seputar Anya Geraldine, hanya posting sebuah teks singkat untuk pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris.

Descriptive Text Anya Geraldine

Her real name is Nur Amalina Hayati as known as Anya Geraldine. She was born in Jakarta December 15, 1995.

Anya is tall. Her height is 177 cm. He looks very adorable with her white skin and long black straight hair.

Anya is a model. She had ever won modelling contest. Recently she's been busy as an actress for many Indonesian movies.

Anya is also an Instragrammer. She has a lot of follower on Instagram. That's why many products come to hire her as an influencer.

Anya has a unique dream when she was a little girl. Her dream was to become a racer when she grows adult.

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