Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2019

Contoh Dialog Menggunakan Kalimat Simple Past Tense

| Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2019
Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog Bahasa Inggris singkat menggunakan kalimat simple past tense.

Andrew: Hi, what's up?
Jonathan: I'm very well.
Andrew: Long time no see. Where have you been?
Jonathan: I've been to London for 2 months.
Andrew: Great. What did you do?
Jonathan: I spent my time doing my job there. And of course I enjoyed some tourism object.
Andrew: Whom did you go with?
Jonathan: I went there with my cousin.
Andrew: How's the weather?
Jonathan: That's very cold there.
Andrew: Did you watched football match in the stadium?
Jonathan: Yeah. I spent my weekend visiting Stamford Bridge to watch game between Chelsea vs Liverpool.
Andrew: That must be great.
Jonathan: Yeah. I liked it a lot.

Demikian contoh dialog yang menggunakan Simple Past Tense.

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