Sabtu, 10 Agustus 2019

5 Contoh Percakapan Meminta Perhatian (to get Attention)

| Sabtu, 10 Agustus 2019
5 Contoh percakapan yang berisi ungkapan meminta perhatian (to get attention).

Percakapan 1

Teacher: Hi Class, May I have your attention, please?
Students: Yes mam.
Teacher: From now we will use English in class. Do you agree.
Students: Yes.

Percakapan 2

Andika: Good morning everyone.
Students: Good morning.
Andika: Attention, please! To celebrate Independence Day we are going to have some competition.
Students: What are they?
Andika: There will be "Balap Karung", "Lari Kelereng," and "Panjat Pinang."
Students: Cool

Percakapan 3

Sony: Attention, please! To all teachers please fill in the attendance list.
Joko: Oh, I forget.

Percakapan 4

President: May I have your attention, please?
Minister: Yes, Mr. President.
President: We are going to increase our export and reduce import for goods.

Percakapan 5

Jono: Attention, please! For everyone who wants to join debate contest please register now.
Toro: How many persons per class?
Jono: Only one

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