Cerita Liburan ke Surabaya Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris

Saya akan menceritakan liburan ke Surabaya menggunakan Bahasa Inggris.

Holiday in Surabaya

Last holiday I visited my grandma in Surabaya, East Java. I took a train to go there from Pasar Senen Railway Station.

My family and I left for Surabaya early in the morning. It was still 4 o'clock. The train ran very fast. It stopped in several station.

We arrived at Gubeng Station around 1 p.m. That was tiring, but we were very happy because there wasn't any problem on the way.

My grandma welcomed us in front of her house. She looked very happy to see us. She gave us a big hug. That was very long time we hadn't met.

After taking a rest, we enjoyed Surabaya at night. We spent the night Taman Bungkul. We also watched the beauty of Suramadu bridge.

Demikian cerita singkat dan sederhana selama saya liburan di Surabaya.

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