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Descriptive Text Maudy Ayunda

| Selasa, 16 Februari 2016
Kali ini menyajikan contoh descriptive text artis Indonesia. Artis yang ditampilkan kali ini adalah Maudy Ayunda.

Maudy Ayunda

Maudy Ayunda is a famous artist from Indonesia. Her full name is Ayunda Faza Maudya. She was born in Jakarta on December 19, 1994. 

Maudy is a good looking girl. She has thin lips, oval face, and short black hair. She has a very nice smile, an innocent look and very friendly to people.

Her hobbies are singing, swimming, writing, and playing musical instrument. She can play piano and guitar. She likes to create a song using guitar and piano.

Maudy's favorite singers are Tompi, Agnes Monica, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift. She thinks that they influence her career mainly in singing.

Beside singing, Maudy also plays in some movies. Her first movie title is "Untuk Rena". Then she acts in some movies like "Sang Pemimpi, Tendangan dari Langit, Perahu Kertas, and Refrain".

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