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Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Berisi Kalimat Pasif

| Selasa, 19 Januari 2016
Dialog berikut ini adalah contoh percakapan Bahasa Inggris yang mengandung kalimat pasif. Diperuntukkan bagi kamu yang mendapat tugas membuat dialog pendek berisi kalimat pasif.

Annie and Tina is going to the zoo. They enjoy their holiday by watching various animals.

Annie: Have you bought the tickets?
Tina: Here they are. You know, the tickets are sold out. These are the last tickets.
Annie: Wow, that must be so crowded today.
Tina: Let’s stand in line.

Both girls are standing in line and then coming into the zoo area.

Tina: This is Sumatra Tiger. It is endangered.
Annie: I heard many tigers were killed.
Tina: Why do you think people kills the tigers?
Annie: They are killed because of the fur. People take their fur to make some bags and clothes.
Tina: Let’s go to another place. 
Annie: Look, the elephant sucks some water. The water is sprayed to the plants.
Tina: That is one of the function of its trunk.
Annie: Do you like to watch snakes over there?
Tina: Okay. Let’s go.
Annie: This is cobra. It looks dangerous.
Tina: Yes, it’s very dangerous. If someone is attacked by the snake, he may die.
Annie: It’s so scary.
Tina: Look! the guard will feed them. 
Annie: Some rats. The rats will be eaten by the snakes. Let’s go away. I can’t stand to watch.

It's almost 12. The two girls go to coffee shop and order some food. 

Tina: I’m very hungry.
Annie: What do you want to have?
Tina: I’ll have fried chicken and rice. The drink is orange juice.
Annie: I’ll order for us. 
Tina: The food is delivered or not?
Annie: Delivered here.
Tina: Nice.
While they are eating.
Annie: What do you think about the food?
Tina: I think delicious enough.
Annie: But the orange juice. I think it needs some sugar.
Tina: Don’t worry. We can ask.
Annie: Wait. Why is my mobile phone? It’s not connected to internet. No messages were received, since we came in here.
Tina: Yes. I think we should finish theses all food soon and leave here.

Demikian percakapan Bahasa Inggris berisi kalimat pasif.

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