Sabtu, 14 November 2015

Cara Membuat Jus Jeruk dalam Bentuk Dialog Bahasa Inggris

| Sabtu, 14 November 2015
Contoh dialog Bahasa Inggris tentang cara membuat jus jeruk. Dialog ini merupakan pengembangan dari artikel procedure text how to make orange juice. Bisa baca disini.

Donna: What would you like to drink, Anne?
Anne: Thanks for offering. What kind of drink can you make?
Donna: Juice. I can make orange juice, avocado juice, banana, and the others.
Anne: O really? Can you teach me how to make orange juice?
Donna: With pleasure. Come with me to the kitchen.
Anne: OK.
Donna: It's easy to make orange juice. We just need two oranges for two glasses.
Anne: I see.
Donna: Peel the oranges. Put them into the blender. Add some ice cubes.
Anne: Let me do it.
Donna: Yes, good. After that switch on the blender. Wait until the oranges and ice cubes dissolved.
Anne: OK. I can do it.
Donna: Stop. Switch off the blender. Put 2 spoonful of sugar into the blender. Then switch on again.
Anne: Yes. How long should I blend it?
Donna: Around 15 seconds.
Anne: Finish.
Donna: Pour into the glasses.
Anne: Our orange juice is ready.
Donna: Yes. Let's drink.

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