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| Jumat, 27 Februari 2015
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Elephants are unique animals. They are big, have big ears and long nose called trunk. Near their mouth there are two ivories. The ivories are strong and sharp.

Elephants belong to mammals. They have babies. Elephants spend 2 years to have pregnant. It is the longest pregnancy compared to the other animals in the world.

Elephants are usually found in tropical forest around the world. They live in group and eat leaves and grass.

Elephants are strong animals. They can lift something heavy using their trunk or the body.

People use elephants to help them because of their abilities. They play in a circus because they are genius and understand people instruction. People also use elephants as vehicle to bring them from one place to another place.

The life of elephants are not long enough. Elephants can live 60 - 70 years. After the death, people use their ivory as weapon or artistic thing.

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