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Descriptive Text Indonesian Idol

| Senin, 03 Februari 2014
Descriptive Text
Indonesian Idol

Indonesian Idol is one of search talent show in Indonesia. It is created by Simon Fuller adapted from UK show Pop Idol.

Indonesian Idol began since 2004. Joy Tobing became the winner of the competition for the first time. But not long after the competition, she was dismissed and Delon replaced her.

Indonesian Idol takes some contestants among Indonesia. The contestants meet judges. They have to sing a song. The judges decide whether they pass through to the next stage or not.

The winner of the competition is decided through SMS. The contestant who has the most numerous SMS will be the winner.

Indonesian Idol has promoted many talented singers such as Joy Tobing, Delon, Mike, Judika, Ikhsan, Dirly, Rini, Wilson, Citra, Regina, and Sean. Some of them are succesful in the music industry, but some others fail.

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