Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

Karangan Liburan Natal dan Tahun Baru dalam Bahasa Inggris

| Rabu, 25 Desember 2013
Karangan liburan natal dan tahun baru ini saya tulis menggunakan Bahasa Inggris sebagai contoh karangan untuk kamu yang mendapat tugas mengarang selama liburan.

I got 2 weeks to enjoy vacation during christmas and new year. I spent it visiting my family in the village. It was 60 kms away from the center of town.

I left for my village on Tuesday night. I rode my motorcycle. The street was really quite that night. So I could arrive soon in my family's house.

The first day I spent my day walking around my village. I met people who was my friend in the past. They were still friendly and welcome.

The second day I went fishing in the river near my house. I got 5 catfish. That made me happy enough because it was so long I had never gone fishing.

The third day I helped my father fixing the fence. The fence was broken. We had to renew it. I took bamboo and cut it.

The fourth day, I spent the day in the beach. The beach was 40 kms away. I went there with some old friends. In the beach I swam and went fishing. That was nice.

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