Minggu, 24 November 2013

Contoh Drama Bahasa Inggris Mengungkapkan Simpati dan Dorongan Semangat [Symphaty and Encouragement]

| Minggu, 24 November 2013
Contoh drama Bahasa Inggris untuk 6 orang yang berisi ungkapan simpati dan memberi dorongan semangat [expressing symphaty and encouragement].

Ani    : It’s long time no see Fulan.
Betty  : It’s been a week. Anyone knows?
Cici   : I don’t know. Yesterday I sent him a text message. But no response.
Della  : I heard that his grandma passed away.
Ela     : Really? I’m sorry to hear that.
Ani    : Hey, look. Fulan is coming.
Betty  : Hi, Fulan. What’s up?
Fulan  : Sorry, guys. I had been in Surabaya for a week.
Cici    : I heard that your grandmother passed away.
Fulan : Yes, that’s true. She passed away last week. I went to her house in Surabaya and stayed for a week.
Della  : I’m sorry to hear that.
Ela    : You must be very sad. You’ll soon be out.
Ani    : Yes, never mind. We are with you.
Fulan : Thank you for your attention. I feel happy now.
Betty : What did you do there for a week?
Fulan : I helped my grandfather preparing meal for guests.
Cici   : Why didn’t you reply my message?
Fulan : I’m sorry, Cici. I forgot to bring my mobile phone. I was in hurry when my grandfather told that my grandma passed away.
Cici   : I see. That’s no problem
Della : Are you okay now?
Fulan : Yes, I’m okay. I felt down, but now I’m okay.
Ela   : The bell has rung. Let’s go to the class.

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