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Descriptive Text About Gita Gutawa

| Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Descriptive Text

Her full name is Aluna Sagita Gutawa. You can call her Gita Gutawa. She was born in Jakarta on August 11th, 1993. She is a singer with sopran voice.

Gita Gutawa is a cute girl. She has everage body. She is not really tall but looks ideal. She has black hair, brown skin, and black eyes. Her face is oval and good looking.

Gita is a famous musician's daughter, Erwin Gutawa. She has learnt music since she was an elementary school student in grade 2.

Gita has a powerful and unique voice. She sings beautifully with high pitch. She has many famous songs such as Doo Be Doo, Kembang Perawan, and Bukan Permainan.

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